Pleased to meet you.
MADfactory is a tight collective of professionals and enthusiasts —
focused on commissions, and providing creative solutions for the human species.

We are a creative collective.
Being a collective means that we are always open to new contributors, ideas, clients, and adventures. We understand the importance having a creative team that works -with- you.
The nature of our collective allows us to assign specific professionals to each project, giving us, and you, the advantage of utilizing specialized talent that best suits the project.
We start by learning what your specific needs and expectations are, and crafting a work plan, timeframe and payment plan that make sense.

Contact Us
by email:
by phone: 323.632.6132
by skype: mindartdesign

Maintaining open, timely, and transparent communication is a best practice.
Time is money. We strive to have your work completed in a timely fashion.
We maintain contact with our clients and make sure that they are provided with up to date information.
We make ourselves available as often as possible to discuss the progress of your projects, as well as any changes or addendums.
In order for us to streamline the production process, we expect our clients to maintain a similar style of communication.

No Uncomfortable Reacharounds.
We're not hiding anything up our sleeves,
Our billing process is straightforward:

We bill per-job, or per-hour.
Per job payments are made in two installments — upfront and upon completion. These are generally short-term projects.
Hourly jobs, which are generally long-term projects, will be billed in weekly or bi-weekly installments.
Rates and timeframes are specific to the type(s) of work being done.

An agreement is always drafted and agreed upon before any work starts.
If a project is terminated early, the client is expected to pay for the work that has already been completed.

We are proud to run an honest business.